U4HK Middle East "Tummyfish" (2016) 1:35 (2016) (UAE)

For parents in the Middle East, getting their kids to drink water and eat better is a daily challenge. So Nestle and United For Healthier Kids Middle East created TummyFish, a story book where you can learn about TummyFish. There's also a virtual pet TummyFish which thrives when you drink water, and gets sad and sluggish when you drink soda. Meanwhile, parents can monitor their water consumption and learn more about the health benefits of healthy drinking. What I like about this is the interactive element-- between parents and child. Rather than just make an app and leave the kid alone, this gets parents involved in the process as well, to help strengthen the bond between the two. Smart idea.

Client: UH4K Middle East/Nestle
Agency Partners: Memac Ogilvy and MediaMonks

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