UBER - Saudi Arabia / Abdulla Sultan (2017) :90 (The Netherlands)

UBER teamed up with Revolver Amsterdam to share personal stories of the UBER driver-partners as well as showcase the diverse clientele.

Producing two commercials for this project, this first commercial was shot in Saudi Arabia and directed by Revolver’s talented director Maceo Frost and the second "Cape Town / Mehboob Adam" was shot in South Africa, directed by another Revolver favourite Brett De Vos.

Sidenote: the press release reads: "Capturing bold landscapes and the diverse cultural scenes of Saudi Arabia..." yet I see no diversity at all, I see Saudi. Perhaps "diverse" means something else to other people.

Client: UBER
Production Company: Revolver Amsterdam
Producer: Klaudia Gainza and Ingeborg de boer
Director: Maceo Frost
Creative Director: Florentijn Diepeveen
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Composer: Håkan Eriksson
Colorist: Richard Fearon, MPC

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Is that Riyadh?

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Yes, if the desert surroundings didn't give it away, you can clearly see the Faisaliyah in the skyline shots. The Kingdom building is in profile otherwise you'd recognise that too.