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Uncommon media creates a very ambitious campaign where no two ads are the same for British Airways.

A year after Uncommon Creative Studio won the advertising account, battling against WPP in the end, they release the new British Airways campaign that is all about scale. 


The tiny scale, as in the local, the individual, and our very personal different reasons for traveling are at the heart of the campaign. The large scale is how the campaign is presented, with over 500 different billboards that run both as paper and new digital billboards, and 32 different commercial executions.

⚪ Business. ⚪ Leisure. ⏺️ Mischief.

The campaign concept is as insightful as it is simple, the boring question asked when you fly to new countries as customs asks why you are there - for business or pleasure? 

The honest answer to that is bigger than those two words. A friend of mine once replied "my business is my pleasure" and the customs officer was not at all amused and nearly sent him back home, so pro-tip, don't tell them the real why.

The real why, as this BA campaign explores, is everything else. It's to escape the dreary weather. It's to eat a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato. To go home! To have olives the size of your fist. To see the stars! To feel warm gusts of wind that aren't from the underground trains. Or to attend a stag do, oh dear.

Uncommon Media has created 32 different short films and 500 billboards that pinpoint all sorts of reasons for travel, from 'I still love her' to 'Out-tanned by a goth'. Wait, that's impossible.

Some of the films really hit home, I'm sure many people will recognize the need of a proper group hug in "never liked him anyway". I personally fly BA because of the banter. Some fly to reset. Some fly for the French boys. Some fly for her. Some fly because they need to meet their niece.

⚪ Business. ⚪ Leisure. ⏺️ It's not you London it's me.

Brand: British Airways

Creative Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Media Agency: MG OMD 

⚪ Business. ⚪ Leisure. ⏺️ Weather.
⚪ Business. ⚪ Leisure. ⏺️ Donatello. Michelangelo. Parmigiano.

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