Uncomplicate = get straight jeans?

The little punk-terrier thing in the 501uncomplicate viral who literally pisses on everything new and complicated is quite cute. However the rallying call at the end of said viral perplexes me.... "This 5.01...." it reads and suddenly I'm confused. This May 2001? This fifth of January? Aaaaah, this May one, right? If only our different ways of writing dates on different sides of the Atlantic wasn't so darn complicated. ;)

PS: If you click on "behind the scenes" at said site, you'll be taken to a spaces MSN blog.

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I'm sure they used that to play off of 501, the name of the jeans. And yeah, in the US 5.01 reads pretty quickly as May 1st.

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Right, and teh Intarweb is such a US only phenomenon... ;)
I always wondered what people behind very local virals were thinking. I mean, it's not like as if said viral is only spread within a specific geographical area... *shrug* (Not that this one is such a great example, but it's an interesting thing that.)

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