Under Armour "Michael Phelps: Rule Yourself" (2016) 1:30 (USA)

Michael Phelps last shot at gold. Under Armour doesn't actually have a swimwear line, but signed up, back in 2010, to be Phelps' "dryland" sponsor. In other words, Under Armous can't lay claim to Phelps' success in the water, but all the stuff he does before he gets in the water. Perhaps that's why they are clinging to to the very obvious statement from that it's all that training makes you ready for glory. I.E. "what you do in the dark makes you ready for the light." I hope that includes a vaccine against Zika. I kid!

Oh and it's all set to The Kills' "Last Goodbye."

Client: Underarmour
Music: "Last Goodbye," by The Kills

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