"Undocumented Immigrant? Before You Get Deported, Get a Sugar Daddy,” billboard targets Austin's undocumented women

Arrangementfinder are as usual ensuring they get noted in the news by latching on to current topics in their outdoor advertising. At the height of Charlie SHeen's manic episode dating "goddesses", Arrangementfinder scored Bree Olsen as a model for their Need a summer job? Get a sugar daddy! billboards. After the OOG was banned twice in Chicago, Arrangementfinder simply bought ad-space near the UCLA campus hoping to lure college girls.

This time Arrangementfinder has jumped on the current political discussion, which means the press sat up and took notice again. Yeay earned media! The sign reads, "Undocumented Immigrant? Before You Get Deported, Get a Sugar Daddy,” and it is just off highway I-35 near Frontage Road in Austin, Texas. KeyeTV reports:

Jacob Webster, the online's site CMO says he decided to run the ad “in response to Donald Trump's promise to deport all 11 million of the nation’s undocumented immigrants.”
“ArrangementFinders.com skews heavily towards Hispanic women, with that demo making up over 31% of all the females on our site nationally and over 53% in Austin,” said Webster.

There's no mention of how getting a "sugar daddy" would help women get out of an undocumented situation as the website isn't a marriage match maker. The poster topic is veering dangerously close to sex trafficking, which makes up 79% of trafficked humans, where victims of this crime have their passports stolen and are transported to other countries where end up being "undocumented aliens", yet not one journalist seems to have brought that up with the CMO. Bizarrely the arguments around this controversial poster on CBS Austins Facebook page seems to concentrate on the idea that this billboard somehow makes fun of Melania Trump. Wake me when the election is over.

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