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Unfinishedvotes.com - Joaquin Oliver back from the dead (2020) 2:00 (USA)

In 2018, Joaquin Oliver was shot and killed in the Parkland school shooting. This campaign now used AI to "bring him back", to tell people how voting is important, and that you need to vote in place of him -  signed by Unfinishedvotes.com

The reaction to this deepfake has been quite polarized, what is clear is that it's getting attention which is half the job. But like we already discovered when celebrities like Steve McQueenFred Astair, John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe were resurrected from the dead to appear in new advertising, people genuinely find it creepy. 

I'm not so impressed by the deepfake CGI, even though it's quite good, and I don't know what they mean by "AI" here. Did they collect all his SMS and email messages together to create the right tone of voice? It seems like it would be easier just to have a copywriter talk to his parents and friends to find the right tone.

Client: Unfinishedvotes.com

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