Unigate Milkman - Now delivers bread - Television 1971, UK

In 1971 I’d just started at BMP as a junior copywriter. Unigate wanted to tell housewives that
their milkmen now delivered bread. I’d just come back from four years at art school, and working, in New York. And I loved everything that made England different.
One of those things was Benny Hill’s record “Ernie The Milkman”. It was at number one in the charts. That couldn’t happen anywhere else.

The story of a milkman told as if it was a gunfight between cowboys. It was very well written, very
quirky, using language that no one outside the UK would understand. I loved it and it seemed a natural fit with Unigate.

It was my first ever commercial. When it ran I had a party at my flat, with all my mates from East London, to watch it.

Copywriter: Dave Trott

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