UPP - Every day photographers are used without consent / Every day we're screwed

In a visual that clearly translated to a photographer "being screwed", the UPP wishes to draw attention to the plight of photographers in the era of the re-sharable file on the internet.

Every day, photographers work and reflect the reality through their eyes. Every day photographers risk their lives to keep us informed.
Every day, photos are published on the internet, in newspapers, books, commercials, bringing the value.
But the photographer continues to be treated as if it produced nothing. His work has no value. It's not that bad or is that his work is worth nothing.
This is much simpler.
Every day, his photographs are used by thousands of people (press, publishers, advertisers, communicators) who act as if they had found them on the floor.
With this image we want to represent the economic reality violent, rude and disrespectful experienced photographers.

So "Every day, the work of photographers is being used without their consent" - and the photographer is being used. The ad is signed UPP which is the French Union of Photographers.

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Client: UPP

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