US Cellular "Tech you wouldn't expect" (2017) 3:23 (USA)

US Cellular tapped influencer Judner Aura,, aka, UrAvgConsumer, to get out of New Jersey and go to the farm to discover just how much tech is increasing productivity when it comes to agriculture. I'm amazed people aren't already aware of this. Did people think they were still using plows and milk maids? Two and a half minutes into the content, just as you are thinking 'okay semi-interesting but does this have to do with US cellular," we finally get the answer, or at least the benefit: Even though we'd die of starvation without farmers, that particular stretch of land is not well taken care of when it comes to technology because the population is so small. US Cellular is one of those companies who hasn't forgotten the heartland, however, and makes it possible for the people who supply are food to use the technology they need to make farming way more efficient.

Client: US cellular

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