VH1 - Anti-Rock Star - (2010)

For every yin, there's a yang. For every Rock-star there's an anti-rock star, and never the two shall meet. But what happens if they do meet? Total weirdness! That's what! Naked bald and pasty white guys flying about. With urine!

ECD: Guillermo Vega/Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal
Art Director: Menno Kluin/Guillermo Vega
VP Creative Director MTV: Sean Saylor
Creative Director MTV: Juan Frontini
Copywriter: Icaro Doria/Scott Vitrone/Ian Reichenthal
Title Design: Mihail Aleksandrov
Exec Directors Content Production: Lora Schulson/Nathy Aviram
Producers: Lora Schulson / Jo Kelly
Music Supervisor: Eric David Johnson
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Bryan Buckley
Director of Photography Rolf Kesterman
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne
Line Producer Mino Jarjoura
Editing House: Final Cut
Editor: Carlos Arias
Producer: Laura Patterson
Music House: Tone Farmer
Composer: Jared Hunter
Producer: Christina Tortorelli
Visual FX House: The Mill
Artists: Gavin Wellsman/Brendan O’Neill/Randy Krueger
Telecine: Jamie Wilkinson
Producers: Adrienne Britzman/Claudia Guevara
Sound Design: Tone Farmer
Sound designr Jared Hunter
Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer Phillip Loeb
VO Casting: Phantom Audio

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I'm so fucking angry. Where can I find this actors name? ANYONE? IF SO PLEASEEEE HIT ME UP. THAAANK YOU.