Village Voice - something for everyone

A rather tame viral is being promoted all cloak and dagger style right now, dubbed real estate karate it's message is that the Village voice has something for everyone. Yeah, you can see the tired twist come charging at you.

Watch it: quicktime version or windows media version

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Andreas-Udd's picture

Painfully bad. It's like something out of a student portfolio back in the early 90s.

johndoom's picture

Yes, one can tell it's viral because of the low production values, poor performances, uninspired script, and obligatory fat guy dancing to bad music. And for a brand and great as the Village Voice! Oh it makes me want to cry.

Dabitch's picture

Like nails on a chalkboard isn't it? And naturally the tipster email contained the obligatory 'Its got nuthin' to do with me' phrase - in this case "I came across this funny viral". I'm so glad people took notes in our Viral Tutorial class.;)

johndoom's picture

Yeah, I should really start doing that with my online portfolio - sending out a link to everyone I've ever heard of saying "Hey guys! Check out this really cool site that I found purely by chance! Sheesh, does this girl know her stuff!"

That's when I get around to leaving the 18th Century and actually putting my portfolio online, of course.