Vimla - A Love Story - (2016) 1:45 (Sweden)

The "Vimla" campaign tells the stories of several of these large-headed people. This ad is about a girl who falls in love with a guy, but then leaves him. The many stories were then edited together into shorter spots to air on TV, the join-edit ran nearly every commercial break all winter.
The Art Direction here, with the large animated heads, is a little odd and feels like a throwback to the 90s, but at least visually intriguing enough to make you watch... whatever it is you're watching. The shots of Stockholm are both gritty and gorgeous, it feels urban and cool. In the end, what we're selling here is a cellular phone network that offers a contract free service. The difference between Vimla and other networks is that they'll call you a "Member" instead of customer, and you're vote affects what services they should develop and introduce next. That's all well and good, but not communicated in this ad at all. I guess the kids don't care as long as it looks cool. Now lets all go out at night and empty fire extinguishers for no apparent reason, we're so cool.

Short edits : Last Days oF Dancing and 15 second "make a difference".

Advertising Agency: Kärnhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: baconcph
Director: Jakob Marky
Executive Producers: Ylva Axell, Tobias Reiner
Line Producer: Sarah Grey
Production Manager: Henrik Bel Gaeid
Director of Photography: Matt Chuang
Editor: Olivier Bugge Coutté / Monofilm
Online: Peter Marin
Grade: Julien Alary / Bacon OSL
Sound Editor: Martin Mighetto / Chimneygroup
Stylist: Bahareh Ardakani, Angelica Tibblin Chen / Independent kostym
Production Designers: Christer Jonsson, Emelie Ekenborn
Masks created by:
Music: Maja Francis – Last Days of Dancing - Universal Music Publishing

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