Virgin Music - Hold nothing back - (2006) :45 (USA)

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deeped's picture

So? Honda "Grrr" influenced? And some from Smashing Pumpkins "Tonite Tonite" ...

Didn't made me run to buy music from Virgin - and I really don't think that youngsters think it's "Virginesque". So - who's the target group?

AnonymousCoward's picture

Definitely grrr-influenced, but kind of brilliant in it's own way. The music is beautiful, haunting. The more you watch it, the more drawn-in you get. Love "God save the queen." I actually think it's quite "virginesque."

AnonymousCoward's picture

I just noticed video killed the radio star. Ha.

MaryWills's picture

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Dabitch's picture

Yes, but it it brilliant enough to knock Sony Bravia balls off the top spot in this years award-circuit? I hope so - though it's been released too late for most already.

AnonymousCoward's picture

That was friggin' amazing... I had to watch it a few times to pick up everything going on... And the music is indeed mesmerizing... Is that an original or clipped from existing material? I'd buy it right now!

Scratch My Itch's picture

Ok, I saw "god save the Queen" and "Video killed the radio star" and "American girl" and the "Hotel California" on my first viewing years ago, but please, this has been bothering me, can someone tell me who the basketball players are?

Virginfanatic's picture

This song is still great.