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Virgin Trains - Decision Time, Valerie: Train Vs Car (2017) :30 (UK)

"How are you going to get to that interview Valerie, train vs car?"

"Or rather... Spandau vs Speedcore?" And so begins the soothing tunes of Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ for the calm scenes, while the harsh speedcore was composed in house by Richard Devine. The films cut back and forth between idyll and disaster, the rose tinted-train travel vs a calamity car journey. With tunes like these, the choice seems obvious. Plus, you don't want to end up as a warning on youtube as security carries you away.

Commenting on the process, music supervisor Chris Phelps says: “We worked closely with Anomaly from the beginning to ensure we found the perfect tracks for this spot. It was important we chose music that would work in harmony with the fast cut but would be completely opposing to each other in both mood and speed. We worked with the creatives and post audio house to edit the tracks so that they flowed nicely with the scenes. It was great fun working with the Anomaly guys and we were thrilled to be bought back on board with Virgin Trains once again.”

Oli Beale, Executive Creative Director and Partner at Anomaly says: “It’s just great that the Speedcore genre is finally getting the public recognition that it’s so long deserved.” Indeed, Oli, we all hate it.

See also Valerie: Train Vs Plane which has even more speedcore in the way of TSA.

Agency : Anomaly

Production Credits:

Director - Tom Kuntz

Producer - Amy Appleton

Director of Photography - Alex Barber

Costume - Mr Gammon

Production Designer - Robin Brown

VFX & Design: The Mill:

Executive Producer: Tom Igglesden

Production Coordinator: Ellie Joseph

Shoot Supervisor: Jonathan Westley (Wes)

Creative Director: Jonathan Westley (Wes)

VFX Lead: Grant Connor

VFX: Nina Mosand, Souhail Wilson

Colourist - James Bamford

Other Credits

Editor - Russel Icke - White House

Sound Designer - Sam Ashwell - 750mph

Music Supervisor - Christopher Phelps - Finger Music

Composer (Speedcore): Richard Devine - Finger Music

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Had to ask internet to explain' spandau or speedcore.' Still seems pointless. Poor ad. Irritating.

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I totally understand it - had a day very similar 2 weeks ago when I had to travel to an interview and ended up stressed and looking a dishevelled mess! And from the panic messages I'd sent a couple of friends they tagged me in this clip!