Visit Seattle "Taste" (2017) 4:11 (USA)

Clea DuVall directed this spot for Visit Seattle. It's one of five diverse shorts that premiered on Sundance TV for their Five by Five project. In this film, DuVall explores the farm to table aspects of Seattle's rich agricultural surroundings. What begins as cow milk ends up as ice cream in a very short amount of time. There's nary a mention of Seattle at all. Everything is visual and cinematic.

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Visit Seattle Client:
Ali Daniels, VP/Marketing
Nick Hawley, Director of Marketing
Clea DuVall
Drew Christie
Ian Cheney
Martha Stephens
Terence Nance
Tim Perell, Executive Producer, Process Media
Katherine Dore, Executive Producer, SundanceTV
Liza Wyles, Senior Producer, SundanceTV
Crystal McIntosh, Production Supervisor, SundanceTV
Samantha Lee, Manager, Integrated Marketing, SundanceTV
Scott Fero, Creative
Steve Williams, Creative

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