Volkswagen presents driver drowsiness detection with a film that shows a woman's entire life (Brazil)

Brazilian Volkswagen just released this film, that features the new fatigue detection system. Nearly 20% of traffic accidents that occur in the country are related to tiredness, fatigue and drowsiness, according to Abramet, the brazilian association for traffic medicine.

The “fatigue detection system” detects signs of drowsiness on driver behaviour then, from the acoustic signal, warns to stop the vehicle. And maybe get a coffee. It is available in the T-Cross, the first SUV of Volkswagen manufactured in Brasil, as well as in Novo Polo, Virtus, Golf, Tiguan Allspace, Jetta and Passat. 

To show how important such a system is, Volkswagen tells the story of a woman's life. From being conceived in a Volkswagen to be being born in a Volkswagen. She grows up, goes camping, has teenage flings, and other pivotal life moments in all kinds of Volkswagens. As an adult, she works as a doctor and drives home, tired. 

This is when she's reborn, in a Volkswagen. 

I love the directing of this clip, that doesn't feel as long as it actually is. 


Agency: AlmapBBDO

Company: Volkswagen Brasil

Title: Life

Product: Institutional

CCO: Luiz Sanches

Executives creatives directors: André Gola, Pernil, Bruno Prosperi, Keka Morelle, Marcelo Nogueira

Creatives: Rodrigo Resende, Renato Butori

Agency TVC production: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva.

Film production: Bando Studio

Director: Leandro HBL

Assistant director: Pietro Sargenteli

Photography director: Wagner Jabour

Art director: Marcelo Larrea

Executive director: Marcela Sutter

Executive producer: Marcia Sutter

Producer: Helio Bodini

Production coordinator: Luis e Milliet

Client services: Márcia Sutter, Andréa Nero

Post-production: Tribbo

Editing: Lucas Rangel, Tales Martins, Eduardo Resing

Finalization: Diego Nascimento

Color Grading: Bleach

Audio production house: Cabaret.

Musical producer: Leticia Medeiros.

Songwriter: Guilherme Azem

Mixing and mastering: Gab Scatolin

Client services: Luciana Novelli

Coordination: Verusca Garcia, Junior Freitas

Media: Fabio Urbanas, Mariela Fernanda Barreira, Dayane Manfrere Alves, Lucas Gilardino, Mayby Santos, Thiago Grassmann Gonçalves.

Planning: Cintia Gonçalves, Sergio Katz, Marcus Freitas, Ana Beatriz Nunes, Marcela Barão Leal

Client services: Christiano Bock, Mariana Nanes

Approval: Gustavo Schmidt, Leandro Ramiro, Fabio Souza, Helena Bonesio

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