Volkswagens new campaign: Das Auto (that's "the car" for those who don't known German)

Meet MAX, a bubbly 1964 black Beetle and the host of his own TV-show. Guests on Max's show include supermodel Heidi Klum, pop and TV personality David Hasselhoff, Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy, NASA astronaut Richard Searfoss, music-sharing innovator Shawn Fanning and former basketball coach Bob Knight. Max is the brainchild of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky and the commercials are directed by Roman Coppola.

“Volkswagen has always occupied a unique and positive place in both American car culture and American popular culture. And the brand is as relevant today as it has ever been,” said Tim Ellis, vice president of marketing at Volkswagen of America. “Max personifies Volkswagen’s past, present and vision for the future. Through him, we will reconnect with American consumers and let them know how Volkswagen understands and responds to what the people want.”

VW / Volkswagen - Talk Show - Leonard Nimoy (2008) :30 (USA)

Volkswagen - Talk Show / The Hoff - (2008) :30 (USA)

Volkswagen - Shawn Fanning - (2008) :30 (USA)

Volkswagen - Talk show / Heidi Klum - (2008) :30 (USA)

Volkswagen - Talk Show / Bob Knight - (2008) :30 (USA)

Volkswagen - Talk Show / Astronaut - (2008) :30 (USA)

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These are disappointing. :(