Vonage vs. Chevy Cobalt

When two advertisers air their spots at the same time, with the same soundtrack…something has to give. Woo-hoo!

Click here to view the Vonage commercial.
Click here to view the original Chevy Cobalt commercial.
Click here to view the redubbed Chevy Cobalt commercial.

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This is one of the problems with licensing existing songs for commercials. You have no brand identity. I actually saw these 2 commercials back to back on TV in the same commercial break... my first thought was "man, there must be some pissed off clients right now."

...and since it is related, one of the other problems with this kind of licensing is the way the different commercials can attach a different emotion to the same song and ruin the intended effect from the music. For example, there is another piece of music that is currently being used in 2 different commercials. One commercial is using it as a "cool fashion-y" track, and the other is using the music as a parody and completely making fun of the music and positioning it as "cheezy"... it makes the "cool" one no longer seem "cool"... makes that music seem like a joke, too.

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One Minor Difference:

Vonage: Ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo-hoo
Chevy: Woo-hoo,woo-hoo-hoo (Mens voices sound a little "hollow")

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Oh, here's another similarity: they both suck! Big time.

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for another badland announcement...

The line that United healthcare used in their print ads went like this...

"People don't always use common sense. Fortunately, there's a healthcare company that does."

That print campaign was done by GSD&M. (http://www.gsdm.com/site_content.html)
Shame on you Vonage.

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That you caught both of these ads with the same song back to back cracks me up. Yeah, I'd say there were some really pissed off clients and bleeding ulcers appearing at the agencies right at that moment... Oh-la-la!