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VW Polo - Dad / I'll watch over you - (2012) :90 (UK)

Protective father's evolving relationship with his daughter goes from sheilding her from rain, to boys and eventually when she is due to fly the nest his protective act is to get her into the safest car he knows.

There's rumbling on the interwebs that the song in this spot is too close of a soundalike to the Beach House song "Take Care".

Update Beach House released a statement on their facebook page that they were approached to licence the song but declined the offer.

Hate to have to address this VW ad story during our release week, but an important part of information wasn't included in the news story. The ad agency actively tried to license "take care" from us for weeks, to which we politely declined. People's comments/ anger should not be directed towards VW or us. It was the ad agency that made these moves. I hope this also clarifies to fans and non- fans just how "take care" and the vw ad song are related. We will release a proper statement weeks from now when we don't have more interesting things to do/ talk about.

Look on the bright side kids, had you not have to address this story during release week, lots of people would not know it was your release week.

Client: Volkswagen
Music company: Sniffy dog

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I knew what was happening and still it got me.

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I love it first time i watch it i cried my daughter couldnt believe it its beautiful

- kelly st.helens

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The "original" sounds nothing like Sniffy Dogs version that VW use,
Amazing advert, amazing song, shed a few tears also, father of two.

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Wow, what a nice post ! I think this post is reflection of love of parents for their child. I fell good when i am seeing this father and daughter . Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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I cant watch it. I had a rubbish dad who was incapable of protecting me from a spider never mind the world.
Ive tripped my way into adulthood like millions of others but this ad makes me realise what I could have had and it makes me sad.:(

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I'm sorry to hear that anon. Not all dads are good ones.

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Well up every time I see it. Would love to have that time again. Went far too quick.