VW / Volkswagen - Construindo / Building - (2011) :60 (USA)

The Ebeling Group's Lobo directed a Volkswagen trucks spot for Almap DDBO. The spot is completely live-action and uses no digital enhancement. With a team of vets and only one day's worth of daylight hours to work with, everything was shot on location including the animals and the massive truck structure. The idea of the truck being built around the cows had to be calculated not only by real engineers, but also by Lobo, who managed to use the accelerated narrative, fully conveying the idea of time passing. And the most important thing? The truck is fully functional at the story's conclusion. The tagline translates to: "Custom-made for your business”"

Advertiser: MAN Latin America
Product: Caminhões Volkswagen
Agency: Almap DDBO
Creation: Renato Simões, Bruno Prosperi & Denis Peralta

Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Account Management: Fernão Cosi, Filipe Bartholomeu, Isabela Crepaldi & Caio Volpe
Planning: Sergio Katz, Renata Bonilha & Mahira Oliveira
RTV Producer: Vera Jacinto, Gabriel D’Agostini & Luana Rodrigues
Media: Gabriel Queiroz & Laerte Brandão
Client Approval: Ricardo Barion, Ana Maria Oliveira & Renato Merlni
Director Company: Lobo | VetorZero
Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos & Nando Cohen
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes, Sergio Salles & André Rosa
Head of Production: Fábio Arisaka
Account Management: Roberta Reigado
Coordinator: Fabio Truci
Editor: Vinicius Martins

Set Director : Mateus de Paula Santos & Nando Cohen
1st Assistant: João Maurício Leonel
Director of Photography: Lito Mendes da Rocha
Art Director: Marcelo Reginato
Post Production: José Eduardo Ambrósio & Guilherme Sarinho
Flame Artist: Carlos Campos
Sound Design Company: Hilton Raw

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