Walgreens "See what they see" (2016) 2:07 (USA)

This year nearly half a million kids will go blind because of vitamin A deficiency. But when you buy vitamins from Walgreens, you are helping those in need. There's an NGO called Vitamin Angels that makes sure vitamins get to the communities who are the most deficient in them. This year, they handed out cameras to kids in Uganda, so they could show us what they see. Nice to see some good happening in the world fir a change.

Agency: Walgreens
Agency: GSD&M
Group Creative Director: Bryan Edwards
Creative Director: Joel Guidry
ACD/CW: Barrett Michael
ACD/AD: Greg Wyatt
Executive Producer: Sara Cherry
Producer: Dylan Heimbrock
Account Director: Sabia Siddiqi
Account Supervisor: Elizabeth Brown

Production Company: RYOT Films
Head of Production: Kelly Spencer
Director: Austin Peck
DP: Andy Berends
Photographer: Mia Collis

Post Production: Foundation Editorial Company
Producer: Brent Holt
Editor: Jason Uson
Assistant Editor: Blake Skaggs
Graphics: Foundation Editorial, Blake Skaggs
Color: Nice Shoes/NYC/Remote Austin
Colorist: Gene Curley

Audio: Digital Domain of Austin
Chief Engineer: Chris Erlon
Producer: Kelly Cotter
Music: The Diner

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