War Child - Mother’s Day Sacrifice (2016) :60 (Canada)

"Moms" the ad begins "they sacrifice so much for their kids..." and then we see some hilarious truths about sleep, time.... personal space and personal needs. Very funny. Then we get to the Mother's day gift, and now the ad wants you, dear Mom, to give up that mothers day gift you didn't want anyway to give other mothers a helping hand.
Wait, what? The mothers day gifts I get are hand drawn cards, clay handprints, and boxes full of "I OWE YOU KISSES" and there ain't no way in hell I'm giving up my wonkily glitter-glued paper princess crown. Fear not, the client explains:

“Mother’s Day is a huge time of year for gifting,” says James Topham, Director of Communications of War Child. “But as many moms will tell you, the gifts they get are usually pretty uninspired C scented soaps, chocolates, kitchen stuff. So we’re asking moms to let their families know not to go that route this year, and that the best gift would be a gift that helps other mothers in conflict areas around the world. Even a donation of $20 goes a long way.”

Oh I see.

“It’s all about moms helping moms. And moms around the world, regardless of their personal circumstances, understand sacrifice,” adds Topham. “I think most moms would gladly give up a physical gift, especially if it’s something like a dustbuster, for a donation that helps another mother caught up in war."

I feel the ad targets moms, and I'll happily donate $20 to a struggling mom halfway across the planet, but it doesn't really target the dads or the kids who are running around somewhere in a panic wrapping a nice rock they found because they forgot it was mothers day. Which isn't a terrible targeting tactic, as really we have it pretty good and the first mom insitinct that kicks in strong is the one that wants to protect all children. -"Aaaaw, is that rock for me? Yes, it's totally heart shaped, I can see that honey, how sweet of you."

Agency: john st.
Executive Creative Director: Angus Tucker & Stephen Jurisic
Creative Director: Niall Kelly
Art Director: Hannah Smit, Amy O'Neill
Copywriter: Jessica Schnurr, Tracey Wan
Agency Producer: Neal Owusu
Account Team Lead: Melissa Tobenstein
Account Executive: Angelica Bennett
Web team: Sasha Abrams, Joshua Richards, Alex Theroux
Director: Michael Clowater with Radke Films
Post Production: Saints

Audio: Grayson Matthews

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