WASO "All things beautiful come from nature" (2017) 1:11 (Japan)

Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido has just launched a new product: WASO, a skin care line targeting youth. And while they went to the most obvious place with the social component (i.e. using influencers and their social channels) the launch film is a whole other story. Playing off the line All things beautiful come from nature, the launch film is a playful, even surreal celebration of nature and technology itself. They gathered all the ingredients found in WASO and used technology to create a stunning art installation. I could watch it all day on a loop.

CLIENT Shiseido

Agency: W+K

Executive Creative Director Tota Hasegawa (長谷川踏太), Mike Farr (マイク・ファー)

Creative Director Azsa West (エイジア・ウエスト)

Art Director Sara Phillips (サラ・フィリップス)

Copywriter Rebecca Pottinger (レベッカ・ポッティンジャー)

Strategic Planner Irina Tone(イリーナ・トーン), Hidemi Takeuchi(武内秀美)

Agency Producer Kana Wakabayashi (若林佳奈), Kosuke Sasaki (佐々木洸介)

Production Manager Abby Marten (アビー・マーテン), Yoko Onodera (小野寺陽子)

Designer Ayano Takase (高瀬綾乃)

Communications Planning Justin Lam (ジャスティン・ラム)

Account Team Kensuke Suemasa (末政健介), Kayoko Kinjo (金城佳代子), Yoshiko Amano (天野喜子), Karen Peng (カレン・ペン), Kentaro Hayashi (林賢太郎), Kyoko Aihara (粟飯原鏡子


Director Dvein (デュヴェイン) Co-Director Espaday Santacruz

Production Company Blinkink (ブリンクインク)

Agency Producer Kana Wakabayashi (若林佳奈)

Production Executive Producer Bart Yates (バート・イェーツ)

Production Producer Benjamin Lole (ベンジャミン・ロー)

Production Manager Alberto Lopez Garrido (アルベルト・ロペッツ・ガリード)

DOP Juan Santa Cruz (ホワン・サンタ・クルーズ)

Timelapse DOP Juan Santa Cruz,(ホワン・サンタ・クルーズ), Tulio Ferreira (テューリオ・フェライラ)

Focus Puller Alvaro Rodiguez(アルヴァロ・ロディゲッツ)

Camera Assistant Leticia Iniesta (レティシア・イニエスタ)

Video Assistant Hugo Dominguez(ヒューゴ・ドミニゲッツ)

Gaffer Nacho Ortiz (ナッチョ・オルティズ)

Grip Vicente (ヴイセンテ)

Production Coordinator Paloma Espinos (パロマ・エスピノス)

Runner Irene Sanchez(アイリーン・サンチェス), Barbara Gonzalez(バーバラ・ゴンザラス)

Art Director David Diez (デービッド・ディエズ)

Art Assistant Mireia Soto (ミレイア・ソト)

Model Maker Alejandro Bravo(アレハンドロ・ブラボ), Carlos Delgado(カルロス・デルガド)

Post Production Analog + Blinkink (アナログ+ブリンクインク)

Grade Dirty Looks (ダーティ・ルックス)

Colourist Steve Bearman (スティーブ・ベアマン)

Music Ivan Llopis@Banjo Music (イバン・ロピス@バンジョーミュージック)

Sound Design Ivan Llopis@Banjo Music (イバン・ロピス@バンジョーミュージック)

Post Production Supervisor Dave Burton (デーブ・バートン)

Editor Maria Anton (マリア・アントン)

Landscape Designer & Botanical Supervisor Ana (アナ)

Robots Universal Robots (ユニバーサル・ロボット)

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