Water water everywhere, especially hot water that makes cup color change.

Remember the WWF "hot water" cups that were given away at the important United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali last December? You poured hot water in them and the the graphic of the world’s land mass vanished under the rising sea.

The Miami ad school kids (in Brazil) just did their own hot-coffee version (and imply that it will be/was seen at Starbucks) for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Here we're not vanishing the earth under water, but turning continents into deserts.

One way to make two similar points. Also similar - the clever LIAA 2007 Gold Ambient indoor winner "paper towels" for WWF.

The Miami adschool credits claim that their cup was released 2007 - just like the WWF cups.
Advertising School: Miami Ad School ESPM São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Paulo André Bione, Marcelo Machado
Art Directors: Bruno Zordan, Marcelo Nishihata
Copywriter: André Baldez

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You forgot this billboard that uses a similar approach. It's also been used by other companies to sell products so it should probably be badlanded.

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No it's not just the use of URLs (though too many make a post automagically marked as spam), in your case it was a missing bracket in front of a href.

I'd post a lot more Badlanders if I wasn't preoccupied posting work these days. I rarely find the time, nor the really funny combinations that I feel I have something to say about, but I do still see them all the time. Feel free to grab the mike and post some Badlanders you've seen recently - everyone. Go ahead. :)

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Sorry, HTML was never my strong point! I do words, not code - clearly!

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Aye, ain't that the truth about badlanders though. ;) I only really like to do them when the coincidences are funny and/or the 'original' found is 50 years old or there's some sort of story behind it. You could be doing it all day long otherwise.

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There's a dupliclaim a day on my morning commute, only the really funny ones are worth posting. Like when competing brands come out with the exact same message or execution.