Wax "One year break" (2017) 1:07 (Canada)

Cheeky but nice (in other words, Canadian) self promo and call for job applicants aimed to capitalize on Publicis' decision to pull out of the Cannes award show next year. If you happen to work at said shop and would like to get a gig elsewhere for a year and then return to Publicis, why not apply for a gig at Wax up in Calgary? They've won a bunch of awards and no doubt will happily be submitting to Cannes and other awards next year. Canada is more chill when it comes to work-life balance (mostly) and more chill in general as it gets colder than hell up there. But hey, if you're into skiing you won't mind. They've got great beer up in Canada, and even though the Calgary flames haven't done much, they did make the playoffs in the 2016-2017 season. So you never know. Canadians are pretty open-minded, and Calgary is a big urban city. This probably makes it more of a liberal place, but for you red state types who are wary about living and working in America's hat, the province of Alberta is the closest you'll get to Texas up there. In other words, So there's cowboys, great beef, and oil on the right, and a cosmopolitan vibe for the more left-leaning. Win win to be honest. I'm also optimistic they'll consider your application even if you don't work at Publicis.

Client: Wax

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