WD Cloud - Lost / Milk Carton / Wedding / Skydiving - (2015) :30*3 (USA)

Three ads in one post here - as data storage giant WD wants to remind you to save your things in your cloud. Created by R&R partners who have been WD's AOR for the past four years.

Our latest campaign for them continues the focus on a singular insight and undeniable truth: that the digital photos, videos and files that we create represent precious and irreplaceable memories and experiences. These spots personalize the value of your digital content, and positions WD as the simple, secure solution to ensure that you never lose touch with what matters.

While I really like the execution, how the images zoom out only to become flyers, wanted ads and "missing" pictures on the side of a milk carton, I wished that WD's main USP against everybody elses cloud was stressed just a little more. While we see all the models available at the end and I really would hope people understand that this means the WD cloud is a piece of hardware that you control, instead of how Googles cloud or Apples cloud out in the ether works. It's a secure personal alternative, a smart hardware in your house. Goodness, I sound like a client: "can we make that it's hardware pop more?"

Agency: R&R Partners
Arnie DiGeorge — ECD
Scott Murray – Group Creative Director
Chris DeNinno – Creative Director
Vince Murray – Creative Director
Andy Ballstaedt – Copywriter
Lauren Crilley – Account Director
Avery Noorda – Assistant Brand Manager
Don Turley – Executive Producer
Lenny Vallone – Agency Producer

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