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"We love boobs" campaign gets 'banned' - again.

And if at first you don’t succeed, you can dust yourself off and try try again. Lindex seems to live by this motto, as last year their "we love boobs" campaign was banned by clearchannel (Who own practically all the outdoor adspace in Sweden) and the campaign was not allowed to run in the subway or on the city buses.
This year Lindex thought they'd do it again, and up until a few days ago, it looked like it might work. Just last week Johan Hallin, marketing executive at Lindex, confidently told Resume "This time SL (the public transport authority) has seen the campaign and approved it".

He must have not gotten the memo - because today Resume reports that SL allows the images, but not the headline "we love boobs".

-"Why not? I'm not sure, you'll have to ask them. But for us "Boobs" is a positive word." said Ulrika Danielson, information exec at Lindex to Resume.
apple bottom
Neither Ulrika, nor the campaigns copywriter, nor Johan Hallin have any idea about the double entendre created by their use of the "boob" word in their ads is seems. Perhaps we should get them dictionary?

n. Slang
A stupid or foolish person; a dolt.

Personally, my biggest peeve with this idiotic campaign is the terrible use of English. Whomever wrote it is a boob, and judging by the headline on this underwear ad their English skills have gone all pear-shaped.

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claymore's picture

I (heart) boobies!

...Of course, then they'd have to deal with certain offended sea birds.

TDD's picture

Why are the headlines in English and not in Swedish? I'm not getting that part....

Dabitch's picture

You and me both mate. It seems that somewhere someone decided that dumb ad headliness "sound cooler" in English, as if Swedish isn't good enough. "Vi älskar bröst" sounds infinitely better to me though.

TDD's picture

Ah, got it. That makes it even more of an idiotic campaign.

kurtberengeiger's picture

Who's behind this work? Starcom in Malmö?

Dabitch's picture

The mediaagency is Starcom, but the 'creative' is by "We are group".