Welcome to the future: Glass opens up for pay-per-gaze ads

Mashable has spotted a new patent called pay-per-gaze that opens up for a possible future of advertising where pay per gaze is only the start.

So to recap: the world's largest search engine was just granted a patent for the most sticky form of advertising possible — ads that literally flash in front of your eyes. Google gets paid when it can ascertain that your pupils pointed in that direction, and for how long. And all of this on the device it is currently seeding among the influencers of the tech community.

In other words, Google Glass is going to bring a whole new meaning to "made you look."

Google is an advertising company masquerading as a tech company and every amazingly convenient or envy-worthy tech they make i marching down the road that leads to Ad-Rome. Google Plus, that has offered us hangouts and a more easily controlled space or sharing with our friends is watching both our web habits and GPS logins. It can now give us search results that are tailored to us, by our friends habits, our location and where we like to surf the web. It can also serve advertisers with equally tailor-tracked eyeballs. With glass on our eyes, the entire world can become an augmented reality game, where ads relevant to the wearer will appear in areas close to the sale. It won't be long until we're looking at a Roger Rabbit-like world, with real world homeless people on the streets are being erased by happy dancing animated spokespeople for coffee-shops dancing in front of them. Or why not just an app that overlays the street image with one the Googlecar already took at some other time, deleting the homeless and leaving an empty street and silence instead? I bet you'll have to pay extra for that. Salvation Army should make & sell that app now, if they want to funnel some cash to their shelters.

With Glass and Google wallet happening, coudl we soon look at an item and just take it without having to go through the trouble of looking for our wallets? Sooner than we'll get that no-stop checkout cart-scanner that AT&T promised us in 1994.

If I buy an extra app, could I look at items and then go home and print them on my 3D printer?

AT&T "You will" Market / 1994 :30 (USA)

AT&T – You Will/Class (1994) 0:30 (USA)

AT&T – You Will/License (1994) 0:30 (USA)

AT&T – You Will/Toll (1993) 0:30 (USA)

AT&T – You Will/Movie (1993) 0:30 (USA)

AT&T – You Will/Door (1993) 0:30 (USA)

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