Wendy's - Killer Lettuce - (2008) :30 (USA)

Kirshenbaun Bond + Partners, New York, demonstrate what happens if you open a Wendy burger next to a head of lettuce. Scary, man. Production company is the aptly named Paranoid.

Izzy DeBellis : Executive Creative Director
Gail Barlow : Creative Director
Daniel Shapiro : Art Director
Aaron Robnett : Copywriter
Cathleen O'Conor : Head of Broadcast
Allyson McEvoy : Agency Producer
Claude Letessier, Phillip Detchmendy : Executive Producer
Director: Nieto
Production Company: Paranoid
Producer: Anne Lifshitz

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Just noticing that this ad is finally "going viral" in the adblogs. Adfreak posted about it September 11 and Adrants posted about it the same day as well. Took a while didn't it? This ad currently has 6364 views here on Adland (which isn't much) as you can see in the Hall of fame.

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Well, it IS rubbish and everyone has seen the shaky handheld camera thing to death by now.