Western Sydney University - Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited - (2015) :90 (Australia)

For 90 seconds, we get to see the perfectly paced story of Deng Adut's dramatic life, with Jarryd James' "Remember Me" setting the rhythm. Deng was taken from his mother when his was only six, conscripted to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. He was shot in the back at the age of 12, he was smuggled into Kenya... as the music swells, this life story will hit you "right in the feels" like the kids say, as Deng miraculously survives all his hardships, beats all the odds and manages to get himself an education to be a lawyer. As we see him taking on the work of helping other refugees, his face is edited to meet his mothers.

Where is she now? I shouldn't have asked:

In 2011, after independence, Deng returned to South Sudan to meet his mother for the first time in twenty years. Having left her when he was a child, he was unsure of his need to see her as he had no memory of any close maternal bond. When he arrived at her village, he found her sitting underneath a tamarind tree, old and arthritic, bearing the physical scars of war. At the sight of her son, Athieu raised herself with the aid of two sticks, grabbed him, held him and cried for hours.

If this ad doesn't make you feel like a tremendously lazy bastard for not getting a university education to pursue your dream career, I'm not sure sure what will. Your potential is unlimited. Pursue your life.

Western Sydney University

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