We've got balls! Lots of them!

Image is from this 2005 post it takes balls to sell unhairy men

So, we open the hostmaster mailbox and are greeted with this from someone with a yahoo.com addy (how appropriate). It was sent via the contact form, the one that reads "be advised we are not Ikea, Carlsberg or any other brand that we write about....". People don't read though.

Your "balls" ad is sick! The visual and the text are immoral and just one more example of why our society is morally decaying.
No doubt it was thot up and approved by some immature dumbsky, who still has just one thing on his adolescent mind.

Aaaw. Someone is angry, and wants a bad ad stopped. Sounds like our ball-allergic friend is talking about a print ad, but I honestly don't know which one. We have lots of balls! Lets watch, shall we?

Farah Fawcett promoted "Great balls of comfort" back in 1975 and the USA

This one is from New Zealand, and the year 2006. Queue your jaw dropping right around now.

This one is from earlier this year, where Axe helps clean your balls in their best spoof of informercial style and with as many double entendres as possible. It was written in New York, by Swedes, for a US market but then spread worldwide over the web. There's lots of balls in this one.

Lets not forget the epic Sony Bravia balls from 2005. Epic. The balls here were clearly attached to the client, well done Sony, you did the right thing.

Of course, something that epic has to have homages, here's Tango's balls, with random fruit falling down the streets of Swansea in 2006.

The Homages to Sony's balls is still going strong, with a Danish fruit water drink Nikoline doing a computer animated variant of bouncing fruit.

Animated balls! Got that too, here a recent one for the Washington lottery.

We even have balls without holes. Hole-less balls, how perverted.

Now, send me any more daft emails, and I'll do this to your car. No, of course not, I keed, this is just balls from a Vegemite campaign down in Oz.

See this as a public service announcement: Adland has balls. Oooh, I slay me.

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I just got a reply from the person who originally complained about whichever ball ad they were complaining about. I had sent them a link to this post as a reply. And all I got back was:

and the same to you

Okaaay. Still don't know which ad it is they don't like, nor if they've now understood that adland writes about ads, rather than makes the ads.