Whats faster than a speeding bullet? Two of them?

First up, lets have a look at a VW ad from South Africa.

Now lets see how this applies to BMW M5 shall we?

I don't even know what to say.. But - well spotted AndrejX!

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Fozzie, I agree with you totally. Hacks who make copying the latest Luezers archive their biggest skill don't deserve anything but contempt. And it does look like, at first glance, these ads even went as far as to use the same footage. Had it been a clear cut copy cat case I would be yelling pathetic! too

Then smoot arrived and saved my ass, he verbalizes what I just had as a hunch, the VW is a homage to the BMW.. Still, I don't much like the ads that "homage" other ads either, I neved thought they were very succesful if you didn't know the first ad. Also, it seems like a shortcut to getting and idea as if they can't think of a new one. In this case however the VW works on it's own as well, and that is rather clever. I'll remain undecided on this Badland pair, but heartily amused. Good catch AndrejX!

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Make that three speeding bullets.
Not sure when this ran in Australia but it was well over twelve months ago.

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*moahahahaha* Good one!

It's true, Badlanders never die.

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Hahah! At least this one doesn't look exactly like the other two. Good memory!

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Good one Adwanker!

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I like the BMW one best. When were they made?

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The VW is current - the M5 I'm not sure about, is it the one that was released in Paris this September?

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Judging by a blurb at drivers.com, the BMW M5 spot probably aired in 2000 (or a bit earlier).

"As if to drive the point home, a recent TV advertisement for the new BMW M5 model describes it as 'The fastest sedan on the planet.' The ad depicts it as faster than an FXE rocket car blasting across the desert-presumably in search of a new land speed record."

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cheers for that info.

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Gee whiz...what a great find!

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Wow, it's like it's the same footage!

I prefer the VW one, only because I doubt even the BMW would ever overtake that rocket-thing, and the "You'll think you can" fits very nicely in their truthful tone of voice.

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Bla bla,

it's ok to like most the VW Polo execution because you simpathize with the brand deeper. But it's not ok for the agency which copied it. And that's a fact.

I wonder if the creatives who dunnit were looking over their mates shoulders while in school...

Stealing ideas in the name of a 'better' car and twisting the end a little to offer a semi-excuse for 'borrowing' the idea is not a good thing for the industry. I bet that if you asked them, they would say they did it on purpose, as an answer to BMW's arrogance and they used the footage again, on purpose, to highlight the truthfulness of VW... Pathetic.

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How does this keep happenening?

and how do you keep finding them? Badland rocks. Thumbs up AndrejX.

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Just another proof that stealing never makes things better. BMW is good. I didn't get the VW-spot. At all. What happened? And it must be the same stockvideo used... man, this is not happening twice...

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I say it's an eerie coincidence. But then I'm an optimist. The concept is not unlike the "How does the snowplow driver get to his snowplow" concept of the old VW ad, and it's better paid off in the BMW version, IMO.

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Yes! The cherry on top - yet another speeding bullet ad.

AdLand posts/discussions like these make my day.

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Wait a second, watch the VW spot again -- it's an intentional ripoff (like the Mercedes skidmark ads). The Polo's power is so surprising, he thinks he can do what the BMW guy did. Or if you had never seen the BMW spot, you at least soak up this almost discouraged reaction from the guy: "Geez, man, for a second there, I thought I could do it."

I like it a lot better now that I've given it a rationale.

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Because VW's line is more truthful, so in my country, Indonesia, Toyota Avanza 'borrowed' it! Avanza is a medium MPV produced only for South east asia region. The TVC done by Perwanal Saatchi-saatchi Indonesia. But sorry I haven't got the copy to post in here.
Toyota Avanza... You'll Think You can!

Hmmm... the more, the merrier...:) :)

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Hmmmm... That sounds plausible actually.

I never did like ads that 'copy' other ads on purpose though, though what you said makes a lot of sense (even the copy-nod-homage part of it all).

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I would have to agree with Smoot--the ad for Polo was intentionally done that way. It's the Polo ads guys giving the nod to the BMW ad guys. Call it respect, call it flattery, whatever. What's great is it works even if the punter never saw the BMW ad.

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Your right! That is the ponly explanation for this!

Also, I agree with liking the way that the VW works even if you've never seen the BMW one.

Thought we had the ultimate Badlander here, but what smoot says makes too much sense. It's a homage.

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