Whitcoulls - Home / "I do the washing" - (2008) :60 (New Zealand)

Man gets creative to get himself out of the dog house. So cute! Great soundtrack provided by Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, concept by DRAFTFCB, Auckland.

James Mok : Executive Creative Director
Billy McQueen/Chris Schofield : Creative Director
Billy Mcqueen : Art Director
Chris Schofield/Simon Shattky : Copywriter
Esther Watkins : Agency Producer
Director : Gaysorn Thavat
Editor : Cushla Dillion
DoP : Ginny Loane
Production Company: Robbers Dog FIlms
Music: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

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I really like how the soundtrack fits so well with the story. :))

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I really like the soundtrack, period. Might pick that album up.