Who watches the Watchmen's guerilla teams spelling?

All over New York City you can find graffiti that reads Who is watching the Watchmen?, or in this particular case "Who is watching the Watchmemen". Watch-me-huh? Got a little carried away there didn'tcha?
Guerillacomm found it at arrestedmotion but neither source knows if this is the work of an ad agency or a bunch of over exited fans with spray cans.

For those of you gearing up for the premiere over here in Europe (In Sweden it's on this Friday the 13th, dum dum dum!) and if you fancy tagging sites instead, use the embeddable TV's from Rubberepublics Watchmen watch site. They've also created a retro arcade game, Watchmen widgets and even an iPhone app. There's also a youtube channel at thenewfrontiersman.

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