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Wiener’s Circle "We’re Here For You" (2020) 1:18 (USA)

The Weiner's Circle is an iconic and beloved Chicago eatery that serves up hotdogs with a side of mutual abuse. Naturally, since we're living in pandemic times, there hasn't been any way to enjoy either the food or the insults.

Until now.

Set to sad piano and even sadder voice over, (two things that have become cliché in an amazingly short amount of time) the rug pull comes hilariously fast and furious as The Wiener's Circle gives us a beautifully foul-mouthed note of hope.

With all the restrictions in production right now, this is amazingly well done. I have no idea if the woman works there or was cast for the part, but no one could have done it better.

If you Facetime 773-BITCHES or order on Tock, Grubhub or UberEats. You can also get that hate you crave with curbside delivery, too. 

As if this goodness weren't enough, all sales support the Chicago community's Covid-19 fund. 

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