Win a £14,250 for the world's most awarded advertising school

The School of Communication Arts 2.0 has launched its scholarship competition 'Spectacular Failures.' There are three scholarships to win here. But in order to do it, you must fail. That's right. You must be the Don Quixote of advertising. Find something impossible-- try your ass off to do it, set an impossible target, and fail trying. You also need to make a video documenting your efforts. This is the 50th scholarship awarded to budding creatives since the school opened in 2010. Last year they had a 100% placement rate. By the way our illustrious CEO, Åsk Wäppling is an SCA grad. She has this to say about the school:

"Going to the SCA was like going too bootcamp. All the pre-conceived ideas I had were unlearned, we were on duty 24/7. We bonded like a small platoon, and it changed my life forever. The school taught me more than I know."

The brief can be found here. Deadline is July 5th. So get to it, young grunts.

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