Wiser's - Purse - (2011) :30 (Canada)

Here's what baffles me about the women-give-their-man-their-purse-scenario so often seen in ads. I've never seen this. It must happen, since so many ads seem to find it a recognisable 'thing'. But how on earth can the woman shop without her wallet, which she presumably keeps in her purse? That's what they're for, right? Purses, I mean. I totally missed this hand-your-man-the-purse memo. Will I be stripped of my woman-rank now? Ssssh, don't tell them.

Wiser's Corby Distilleries Ltd.
Agency : john st. Toronto
Director : Benjamin Weinstein
Music : Vapor Music
Creative Director : Angus Tucker & Stephen Jurisic
Associate CD / Copywriter : Chris Hirsch
Associate CD / Art Director : Nellie Kim
Production company : Steam Films
Executive Producer : Krista Marshall
Strategist : Jason Last
Editing Company : PosterBoy
Agency Producer : Michelle Orlando : Editor : Griff Henderson :
Account manager : Mark Graham

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