Wix.com - Kung Fu Panda #StartStunning (2016) :30 (USA)

Anyone else disappointed that only two of three ads Kung Fu Panda parodies are actual super bowl ads? Though to be fair, the sexy waitress strutting could be anything from Ali Landry, to Jessica Simpson to last years Carl's Jr ad with Charlotte McKinney , because strutting sexy ladies getting your attention is a super bowl standard tactic. The frogs are Budweisers brilliant ad from 95, while the man your man could smell like who was on a horse was not a super bowl ad at all. No? Just me? Fine.

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It's late, I'm killing time, or distracted, so why do I have to figure this out?

1. While watching a 71 minute film[1] stream via Hulu I muted seven 30 second Wix Panda ads which seem to be one of the others.

2. Tweets seemed to be neutral on this Wix Panda ad.

3. After watching this once I took away go see the Panda movie.

I don't get it. I have already forgotten the other ad. Only reason I don't connect Panda to online web design is I already know. So, to me this is just an ad for the movie.

Did I over think?

Edit: Add the footnote:
1. Film is documentary on women's shoes - "God Save My Shoes" (2011) - via Hulu - 7 ad breaks of Wix Panda