women are cows!

This is fantastic.
I seemed to have accidentally predicted the plot of Arla Milk's next spot with the line : Cows = milk . Cow = Woman. Woman = Boobs.Boobs = Milk ! Sorted! in that earlier article.

Click read more to see script and screen shots of the next commercial in the series of Arla beach babes. The teenage lads these ads are targeted to seems to have been narrowed down to teenage lads into zoophilia. ;-)

our heroines drink their milks.

and as they skip down the beach our teenage boys in the audience comment:
-"Hey, didn't someone say "Naturel"?
-"Yeah, we wanna see som skin!"

this ques up that cool rewind trick..

and then - cows! as they strut their stuff down the beach the lads exclaim: "Naughty enough."

pack shot of the good wholesome white stuff.

OK. I get it. The thing that bothers me though, is that somehow, this is not outrageous enough to be funny. Somehow this all falls flat. Trying hard to fly off the wall, something is too close to the truth. What will happen next? Will they reveal an incredibly predictable twist? Is this a cultural misunderstanding between Swedes and Danes on how much irony is tolerable?

next film backstage will premiere on arla's babe beach girls own flash site, and looks promising - it might be carrying a super ironic punchline not grasped by the likes of me. Second button from the top, just click on "filmerna" to check them as they come. ahem. hehehe. sorry.

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