World Heart Foundation / WHF - Croissant, Cheese, Butter, Meat - posters UK

The lovely PR chief at BBH, London alerts us to the fact that this campaign was not approved by the client after it was shot, and these mockups can get BBH in serious trouble. As per our current policy, we do not remove submitted work - but have pixelllated the trademark. Please don't send us stuff that hasn't been cleared yet, kids. Unless you are prepared to pay our removal fee, as per our terms of service. And no, we aren't kidding.
Speaking of saturated fats, we're going to enjoy some leftover osso buco now. Cheers.

Agency: BBH, London
Dave Monk, Matt Waller : Art Director / Copywriter
Peter Lippmann : Photographer
Photographers' Agent: Carolyn Trayler Agency

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