World’s Largest Messaging App Goes Live In Cannes - CannesYouPlease

It’s the same story every year. All the important people jet off to the Côte d'Azur, and everyone else is left at home with all the problems. And getting a response from anyone there is almost impossible. After all, they have a lot to worry about. Will I win? Should I get another bottle of Cannes-Lion-branded-Rosé? How did I get on this boat?

"ClearChannel gave us access to their massive screen in Cannes. So we made a stupid thing: "

Lo and behold, they call it the world's largest messaging app, because you see the screen is 20metres wide and sits on top of Le Grand Hotel on the Croissette and you can send messages to it. Yes, you. Go on then. It can be seen from five miles away. The pranksters behind this explain: 

Need a Cannes-goer to do their timesheets? Approve that artwork? Call a client? Reel in their T&E spending? Stop posting Instagram pictures of disappointing parties? Well now you Cannes.

Anyone in the world can use it to contact anyone and everyone in Cannes. After all it can be tricky to get in touch with the busy Cannes-goers (who are probably too f*cking drunk to pick up their f*cking phones or answer their f*cking emails). It was made for nothing in about a day, so any bugs are a free bonus. And it's only available in English because we have day jobs.

the billboard in action

So, anything goes then? "we're only censoring racism and real hate (and legally-dubious personally-identifiable slander). Anything else is fair game."

Messages will be broadcast twice an hour, every hour, from 7am – 2am. Starting today. The app was made with zero budget in no time at all. But hey, bugs are part of the fun.

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