Worst super bowl commercial 2008?

We already have a thread for The Best Super Bowl ads of 2008. Sure we can rate stuff and I've been very generous with my one star rating this year, but I'd like to know which ad you nominate for being the worst of superbowl 2008?

I nominate Bud /Language of love.

Bud Light - Foreign Accent / Language of Love - (2008) :30 (USA)

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Gatorade - Man's Best Friend (2008) 0:30 (USA)

I really wanted to love it.... I just can't.

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I agree. It's just awful.

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Salegenie - Panda was pretty offensive to me.

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I didn't like that one either but I think the cavemen are one of those hate it or love it things.

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I'm sure that cavemen ads have their huge fans, but I've never liked them for any advertiser. And they didn't work as a TV Series either. Although I did like Talia Shire as the Geico caveman's shrink.

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I was just speaking to my cousin in the US, and she said the Gatorade dog was the only commercial she found at all appealing.

Chacun a son gout.

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I honestly do want to love it. A dog lapping water for thirty seconds? Awesome right there. But.. it doesn't tie together at the end. Something is missing. = FAIL.

Honestly, just the right words could have made it all better. Mans best friend = gatorade didn't kick it hard enough.

I totally admire that they got it on the bowl though, that kicked tush.

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If two fifteen year olds had come up with it and posted it on YouTube, I'd have applauded them and said that they had a great future in advertsing for coming up with a way to say that Gatorade was man's best friend. But not professionals. C'mon,

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I think we all agree.
Now where do we send the Adland Crap award to?

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All super bowl ads were bad in 2008