Wrangler, or Wrongler. Your choice.

Amsterdam shop WE ARE Pi teases Wrangler Europe's Fall/Winter 2015 line with these social and OOH campaign. Basically there's the Wrangler way and the Wrongler way. You know-traveler not a tourist, sexy not slobby, slow cooker, not microwaver, off the beaten path not tried and true, outdoorsy, not city boy, etc.

By the way, I had no idea the same company who owns Wrangler, VF Corporation, also owns Vans, 7 for All Mankind, Lee, Napapijri, North Face, and Timberland.

Client: Wrangler Europe
Marketing lead - Ilaria Pasquinelli
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Business Lead – Alex Bennett Grant
Creative Director - Barney Hobson
Creative Director - Rick Chant
Design Director - Nessim Higson
Art Director – Kaz Salemink
Strategy Director - Jessica Perri
Strategist - Andrea Van Den Bos
Executive Producer – Kimia Farshidzad
Producer - Ekaterina Golovkina
Project manager – Ambar Surastri
Account Executive – Hollie Beever
Production - Pi Productions

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The funniest one is the dog with the rabbit ears but TBH this feels like a stock shot photo campaign and that's never a good feel.

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Something about this is off and unsettling. Dabitch is right: it's just feels like a stock image campaign. And making your ad from stock images off a huge database - that's so Wrongler.

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It feels very 90's to me. But with an instagram filter sheen applied.

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It's a huge disappointment to me. Not everyone liked the raw looking Wrangler we are humans / we are animals campaign, but it did break the mold and went on to win the 2009 Grand Prix in outdoor, while I snagged an interview with Fred here.