Wrath of Cannes Freakfest goes from 'envious little shits' to, hey, that's neat.

(From left to right: Harry Woods, WWD&S Partner + Creative Director; Grand Coney Winner Rob Wenger; Gill Witt, WWD&S Partner + Creative Director)

So the wrath of Cannes folks have been at it for a few years now, hanging out in Coney Island assumingly bitching about how rough it is to be an ad creative over a few Nathan's. The first times I checked it out it, it seemed just a local silly (not undeserved, just local) award thing with and extra dollop of tacky to get attention. Now however, they've climbed up a bit on the ladder and not only gone out with the aim to get totally hammered in effort to forget not reaching Cannes, but also collecting some neat-o ads as winners while they were a it. Which was the original idea, so kudos to them and this years winners for raising the bar. Check out RamirezTerminix.jpg - that's the bronze winner mates. Cute, ain't it? Then check out Wrathofcannes for links to silver and gold.

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