WWF - "Monkey" / Space chimp - (2010) 4:16

Listen up all ye creatives, a chimpanzee is a an ape, not a monkey, so quit naming your ads with chimps "monkeys" something or other before I whack you all with rulers and send you to detention. It's easy to remember too: "Tshiluba kivili-chimpenze", comes from lingua franca of Angola, their name for the animal, and may be translated loosely as "mockman" or just "ape". Or just follow the rule: monkeys have tails (which works for practically all monkeys except the Macaca sylvanus)

/ peeve

That off my #boobquake chest, this film from Leo Burnett Sydney and director Steve Rogers for the World Wildlife Fund tells the story of the original astronaut chimp returning back to earth, set to a new music track by musician Ben Lee called ‘Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe'. It'll air both as a music video and a long format cinema spot.

Client: WWF
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney
Production Company: Revolver
Director : Steve Rogers

Andy DiLallo/Jay Benjamin (Executive Creative Director)
Kieran Antill (Art Director)
Michael Canning (Copywriter)
Michael Ritchie (Producer)
Adrian Shapiro (Agency Producer)

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