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X-men mansion listed at Coldwell Banker for $75 Million

Want to buy the X-men mansion? It's only a cool $75,850,000 for 24 bedrooms and 24 full baths. It has so much to offer, olympic size pool, world-class medical bay and treatment facility, and a gourmet kitchen just to mention a few things. The Coldwell Banker listing for the home comes complete with a drone-shot of the property and a video tour of the home. At first glance this seems one of the most bizarre co-branding pairings, but then you realize the building for Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters really is at the center of the X-men universe. I mean, it has an underground jet hangar, for crying out loud. Who wouldn't want to video tour this place?

"In the X-Men lore and the film, the mansion is the place the X-Men learn to control their powers. Before coming to the mansion, many of the superheroes struggled to fit in or feel comfortable – they didn’t have a place they could call home. The X-Mansion is a place they can escape their troubles, fears and worries and replace them with feelings of community, purpose and meaning. It’s the same feeling and message we want all home buyers to have." explains Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC who seems like a fan.

“In this case, we’re developing content for the next-generation of home buyers and sellers by building relationships with X-Men and movie enthusiasts,” he says. “Imagine getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the real X-Mansion or reading the story of the home right from the perspective of one of your favorite characters, written by the film’s screenwriters. These fans have followed the X-Men characters all their lives, and now they can experience the actual home of their favorite superheroes. It’s something fans are inherently interested in, and who better to promote the details of one of their favorite homes than a real estate company?” OK, yes, I'm calling it, Blankenship is a fan.

Three spots go alongside the listing for the totally fictitious home, one below is a "tour of the week" Coldwell Banker spot, while two others are edited from the films fottage and simply end with "nice to be home". Shame the TV-spots couldn't have been more creative in their approach, partnering with a movie franchise only to use the film footage always struck me as too easy and a wasted opportunity.

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