Xbox "#TwitterHaloWars" (2017) :20 (USA)

To promote Halo Wars 2, agency twofifteenmcann created the world's first strategy game on twitter's DM platform called #TwitterHaloWars. The above acts both as a promo to the return of Halo Wars 2 and a new "Blitz" multiplayer mode. A preview of Blitz launches this week exclusively via #TwitterHaloWars, a real-time social media strategy game.

This teaser reminds me of an updated and less sardonic version of Max Headroom. I guess if I were into the story I'd be inclined to follow along. Clearly this is meant for the hardcore gamer and not the casual one. In case you are interested, here's how it works:

Hop on twitter so you can engage with the main A.I. in the Halo Wars 2 game. Her name is Isabel (also the star of the teaser above.) You can find her on Twitter here. Fans can engage with Isabel in a training module playing battle cards against friends (or the computer) in an escalating three-round war of attacks and counters. Winners will be served up gameplay GIFs, exclusive downloadable content like custom vehicle skin packs for use when the game launches.

If you're interested, just look for You can't miss her because she's verified (the perks of brand 'partnerships') and she's currently following seven people, all of whom are Halo or X-Box-related.

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