Yes Dishwasher Tablets – Super shine! - (2008) print (Sweden)

Q: How do you tell people that own dishwashing-machines that Yes delivers outstanding dish results with amazingly shining dishes? A: make it really shiny...

Client: Procter & Gamble.
Brand: Yes Dishwasher Tablets.
Christina Birkedal, Philip Andersson Nobel
Agency: Grey Stockholm
Art director: Sten Åkerblom
Copywriter: Martin Stadhammar
Design: Sara Bellafesta, Richard Landerus
Account director: Annelie Eklund
Account manager: Johanna Jöhncke
Photo: Erik Hagman

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How long before a soap company does an ad with someone's head being clean enough to reflect a logo?

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Mr. Sparkle soap? ;)

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