Yet another "cheating husband" billboard advertises something - & it starts a Billboard meme

Yo Daddy's , an ice-cream shop and winebar (what?) in Greensboro, North Carolina is as focused with their advertising efforts as their business establishment concept, and they put the old "angry wife announces she caught cheating husband on billboard" idea on a digital billboard to attract some PR, buzz and customers. We've seen the cheating wife spends large chunk of money on billboard before several times, and one advertised court TV which actually makes sense. Selling a frozen ice-cream slash wine-bar shop with this idea, a little less logical. Also surprising that this idea still generates buzz when it's been done several times before.

But that's not the most interesting thing about this casual Badlander. Since these messages appeared on digital billboard, other local busineses got in on the gag and started replying to the fictitious cheating couple with their ads. My favorite being "Dog House? We've got that size" from Mattress Warehouse. High five to you guys.

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